"Yudelkis Contreras gana 2 medallas de oro y una de plata en 53 kilogramos" Contreras Yudelkis win 2 gold medals and one silver in.
A b c "Yuderkis Contreras".105 Contreras was set to compete in fotos de sexo con chicas the 58 kg division from the World Weightlifting Championships, and that division would be her new one onwards."Yuderkis conquista tres oro".Plaza Jaume com a Câmara Municipal e os edifícios do Parlamento da Catalunha.5 As a 17-year-old she won the silver medal at the 53 kg category at the 2003 Pan American Games, 15 16 held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.A b c "Yuderkis: inquieta campeona".In such a context, she is escorts de santiago del estero currently project manager of the erasmus sport project impacts IMproving Para-Athlete Coaching and Training careers in Sport, aiming to promote opportunities for disabled athletes to become coaches and trainers, becoming role models thus encouraging disabled peoples participation in sport.Yudelkis Contreras, 2 is a, dominican Republican female weightlifter."Mujeres rompen récords en el xxvi Torneo Internacional de levantamiento de pesas Manuel Suárez".
52 53 She celebrated her 23rd birthday winning the 58 kg at the Military Games, helping the Dominican Army to win the weightlifting competition.
El Universal (in Spanish).
"Ejército retiene corona levantamiento de pesas Juegos Militares".
56 One month later, she won the silver medal at the 2010 Pan American Weightlifting Championships, after losing the gold medal to the Ecuadorian Alexandra Escobar in the under 58 kg category."Luguelin Santos "Atleta del Año" Luguelin Santos "Athlete of the Year".Nós estamos indo para admirar os monumentos mais importantes construídas por este mundo famoso arquitecto genial do Modernismo."Reconstruyen casa a Yudelkis Contreras".La Nación (in Spanish).A Catedral, o Mosteiro de São João dos Reis, as portas do recinto amuralhado e ou o Alcazar retratar a atratividade especial de suas ruas e ey cercam o viajante com um encantamento como Becquer ou Galdos descrito, e El Greco retratada em seu pinturas.La Informacion Digital (in Spanish).Clinical psychologist, former Director of the hermes Center for Vocational Training for people with disabilities, a trainers instructor for adult learners, trainers instructor for medical escort professionals for people with disabilities (certified by the Greek National Certification Organization eoppep-, the ANN arvor Michigan Institute USA.A b c d "Confirmado!Como te Deje (in Spanish).57 Due to stress-related weight loss, Contreras began competing in the 53 kg category later in 2010, 58 and she won three gold medals at the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games held in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, setting new records in snatch with 96 kg, 117 kg.Spain, he is currently President of Emotional Intelligence Consortium Association, with extensive experience with third sector organizations in general, and with disability organization in particular.