put off synonym

Be V-ed P His testimony could put Drago away for life.
V n 13 If you put it prostibulo la sorda en cucuta to someone that something is true, you suggest that it is true, especially when you think that they will be unwilling to admit this.V P for n 3 phrasal verb If you put in a remark, you interrupt someone or add to what they have said with the remark.V n He put the case to the Saudi Foreign Minister.V P n (not pron) If we don't put money in we will lose our investment.V n P n 9 phrasal verb If you put on a way of behaving, you behave in a way that is not natural to you or that does not express your real feelings.N-sing usu the N shot putter ( shot putters plural ) n-count.Canadian shot-putter Georgette Reed.V P n (not pron) He lit a half-cigarette and almost immediately put it out again.
Adj v-link ADJ I did not blame him for feeling put out.
They had put up with behaviour from their son which they would not have tolerated from anyone else.
V n at amount All the more technically advanced countries put a high value on science.
V n P of n, Also V n P 8 put out put over put across put round put about put through 1 phrasal verb When someone puts through someone who is making a telephone call, they make the connection that allows the telephone call.
V it P that The King had been putting about lurid rumours for months.
V P n (not pron) 6 phrasal verb If you put something on, you begin to cook or heat.
Retrieved August 29th, 2018, from m/put-off.For example, the expression to put someone in the picture is explained at picture.V n to n 11 verb If you put something at a particular value or in a particular category, you consider that it has that value or that it belongs in that category.V P n (not pron) He is trying to put a team together for next season.Shot put In athletics, theshot put is a competition in which people throw a heavy metal ball as far as possible.V n P in/on n We've put down on our staff development plan for this year that we would like some technology courses.V P n (not pron) 2 phrasal verb If you put together a group of people or things, you form them into a team or collection.V n P He asked to be put through to Charley Lunn.Put ( puts 3rd person present ) ( putting present participle the form put is used in the present tense and is the past tense and past participle.V n prep/adv, i'd put the children to bed.(get across) He has taken out a half-page advertisement in his local paper to put his point across.V P n 4 phrasal verb If you put up money for something, you provide the money that is needed to pay for.V n P 5 phrasal verb If you put out your hand, you move it forward, away from your body.

V n P The teacher training college put up a plaque to the college's founder.