«It is illegal to solicit in public for the purposes of busco mujeres lanzarote prostitution.
However prostitution buscando pareja costa rica gratis was not one of the limited number of offences for which the death penalty was re-instated by means of Decree.
Organising sex work, known as pandering, is illegal.(Article 213 of the Penal Code 2014) Because selling sex was itself a crime in previous versions of the Code the 2014 law reform was characterised as legalisation of sex work.It is not illegal to buy sex.».It is illegal to operate a brothel and to live on the earnings of prostitution.33 La prostitución (compra y venta) no es ilegal en Costa Rica.«Soliciting for any immoral purpose in a public place is made illegal by Section 147 of the Crimes Ordinance.
«Pandering or procuring and operating a brothel.
116 La ley penal de Tonga prohíbe los burdeles (Artículo 80 el proxenetismo y abordar a clientes en lugares públicos (Artículo 81).
It is an offence under the Infectious Disease Act for a person living with HIV to engage in activities that could pass on HIV to another person.
The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003 defines of trafficking.
Sex workers' incomes can be confiscated and they can be jailed.The Criminal Code makes it illegal to keep a place of any kind for purposes of prostitution.The 1994 Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act prohibits advertising for sex work and brothels.» «Prostitution legal in Iceland».«Sex Work Law» (en inglés).«It is illegal to Operate a brothel.«It is illegal to operate a brothel other than in a designated 'tolerance zone'.» «Sex Work Law» (en inglés).27 de marzo de 2007.«Mexico is a federal system in which each state can interpret, enact and enforce different laws about sex work.Buying sex is not illegal unless it is from a woman who has been compelled to sell sex if the buyer knew, or should have known, that there was some form of compulsion.» Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular de Cuba.This can apply to both buying and selling sex.».(Sections 153 and 154 of the Penal Code) Women who sell sex can be arrested by both secular and religious police for breaches of various municipal by-laws against 'loitering for the purpose of prostitution 'importuning' and 'indecent exposure.'.The act defines and criminalises trafficking but not prostitution.«Sex work is regulated by several Finnish laws in the Penal Code, Public Order Act and Aliens Act.

«It is illegal for a male to live off the earnings of a female sex worker.
225 of the Code Penal makes it illegal to solicit to sell sex.
It is illegal for men to live off the earnings of prostitution and for women to exercise control, direction or influence over a sex worker's movements in a way which shows she is aiding, abetting or compelling her pro.